• Feminism, Parenting, and Nature

    Posted on May 21, 2012 by in Inspired Thoughts Blog

    I came across this article on FB and was inspired to respond.

    The “new” feminism, in my opinion, isn’t about WORKING and advancements toward equality, it’s about recognizing the power of the feminine and embracing it. Breastfeeding and child-rearing is the quintessential expression of feminism: honoring the biology of ourselves (women) and our children.

    I think it is antiquated thinking that feminism is about women as men’s equals in THE MAN’S WORLD. There is no Man’s World, there is The World. Men and women are *not* biological equals; we have different purposes in the natural world. What feminism ought to seek is the need to deny a world that *dictates* our role as home-makers and honors the ability to CHOOSE what is right for us, right for our families, and right for our species.

    Furthermore, feminism seeks to relinquish our hold on a world that is driven by the loss of the individual’s ability to survive without reliance on the male-dominated corporate beast. As a female worker who has chosen to leave behind the role of drone in a glass ceiling-environment to pursue my own feminine endeavors, I say feminism is about embracing a way of life that supports life in balance with BOTH the masculine and feminine.

    Feminism, to me, isn’t about gender roles and it isn’t about work status. It is about creating a world that embraces all that is the natural world.

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