I am so glad to have you as a consultant!!!! I tell everyone I know that if it had not been for you I probably would not have had the birth I always wanted or the Breastfeeding relationship and passion for nursing!!!! You are the best!
Jen A., Coeur d'Alene
Melissa is a true gem. She is patient and kind, highly knowledgeable, and willing to help a mother and baby in need at any time of day or night. I give credit to her for the patience she exhibited in walking me thorough the first weeks of breastfeeding; even at 2am when I was frantic, she helped me hold it together. It is because of her that I did not give up; and I successfully nursed my second child for a whole year. I highly recommend her services!
Rachel T., Pennsylvania
Melissa Morgan was fabulous! She has such a peaceful demeanor and made something stressful not so stressful. And she actually listened! So happy with her help today.
Julie D., Spokane
I am very grateful to have had Melissa's support.
Elizabeth C., Coeur d'Alene
Melissa, you are fantastic and my only complaint is that I didn't know you when I was having trouble with my older child. I really think that without your help, I would have switched to formula and given up breastfeeding. Thank you!
Ashley P., Coeur d'Alene
She really helped me. The instant she walked into my home, I was instantly at ease. Melissa answered all my questions about the issues I was having, and then to be able to see her once a week at mothers haven... I learned a lot about nursing and it was a great experience.
Kate H., Spokane
Your assessing tongue tie saved our breastfeeding. Thank you so much!
Amanda M.,
I wanted to thank you so much for the help you gave us at Lemon Drop Lollipop when you were co-leading a breastfeeding support group there. You are the reason I was able to continue breastfeeding, get my son off formula, and him start gaining weight. Your encouragement and knowledge in that very emotional stressful time was a God send. Thank you so much for the help you give! Your suggestion of a breastfeeding marathon is what saved us, plus latch support. Thank you again, so much!
Breanne, Chattaroy
Melissa was my saving grace when it came to breastfeeding! I was so discouraged when my daughter and I started seeing her at 1 week postpartum. She never doubted our abilities to succeed and now after a month, we have graduated from seeing her and we are doing so well. I am confident that we will be able to continue to breastfeed as long as my daughter is willing. I can never thank her enough for helping us succeed and I would highly recommend her to anyone!
Caitlyn H., Spokane
Thank you so much for our visit. I had no idea of the time and THAT is a true testament to your dedication to helping others. Thank you for giving of yourself.
Jonell A.,
I just wanted to thank you for your wisdom that you shared with me. I breastfed my now (almost) 9 year old daughter for 3.5 years. She started preschool and was still nursing . It was because of the things you said that made me feel brave enough to nip even after she was well past the publically "acceptable" age. I have a new nursling now, he is almost 7 months and loves mommy's milk. I just wanted to say thank you!
Alicia H.,
Just wanted to thank you for your class! Because of you I was able to help my SIL get her teeny babe latched without a nipple shield, which she had been given in the hospital!
Courtney P., Spokane
Your knowledge and desire to help was a huge blessing. Thank you for your calm strength that helped me feel sane when I was around you. It was a rough start to breastfeeding, but it's so heavenly now. I'm so thankful I stuck with it and didn't give up. We are nursing happily and I no longer cringe, cry, or fear feedings.
Amber M.,


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