• Breastfeeding with Laid Back Positioning or Biological Nurturing

    Posted on May 19, 2012 by in Positioning


    When to use:

    Biological nurturing or laid back positioning is a natural way to encourage your own and your baby’s instincts to facilitate effective latch and bonding. It can be used as soon as mom and baby want after birth.

    How to facilitate biological nurturing:

    • Mother’s body should be adequately supported with pillows, so that she can lay or sit back semi-reclined (not completely horizontal) in a comfortable position.
    • Choose clothing that is comfortable, and allows for skin-to-skin contact, if desired.
    • Babies generally prefer to lie vertically (up and down) mom’s body, so that his legs and feet can touch your thighs.
    • Provide a safe environment for your baby, as he uses his senses to root, kick, wiggle, and maybe even “throw” himself toward the breast.
    • Allow baby to find and latch on to the breast on his own time.
    • Make body adjustments (both mom and baby) to facilitate comfortable, pain-free nursing.

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