Breastfeeding Support Groups

Why Breastfeeding Support Groups?


Support groups bring together moms and babies of all ages and varied experiences. Women who have support during birth and breastfeeding are more likely to achieve their breastfeeding goals. Of course, breastfeeding support groups bring together women and is a useful tool for women to encourage, educate, and support one another toward this common breastfeeding goal.

Prenatal participation in breastfeeding support groups gives moms a realistic peek at what breastfeeding might have in store for them. They can learn from other mothersʻ birth experiences and the role it played in breastfeeding. It is also an opportunity for them to connect with other like-minded moms and introduce them to resources to help them with any potential breastfeeding issues that may arise so they know where to reach out for support.

In addition to breastfeeding support and education, support groups offer an opportunity for moms to form relationships and communities with other women and families.

Why IBCLC Facilitated Support Groups?

During support groups that are facilitated by IBCLCs, the lactation consultant will monitor conversation to make sure that information that is shared reflects current best practices in breastfeeding.  The IBCLC at the support group may also help you identify when breastfeeding challenges may require more in-depth consultation with an healthcare practitioner.

Please not that support groups are NOT healthcare consultations
and are for general breastfeeding support only.

Currently Available Breastfeeding Support Groups

Our lactation consultants moderate breastfeeding support groups for breastfeeding help for breastfeeding mothers throughout Spokane, Spokane Valley, Liberty Lake, Post Falls, Coeur d’Alene (CDA), and the surrounding areas, as well as online.  Current support groups are:

  • Spokane River Midwives – Every Tuesday from 12-2pm
    615 East 6th Avenue, Post Falls, ID
    FREE to attend
  • Facebook – On-going
    This is a Facebook page devoted to breastfeeding.  You are welcome to “Like” the page and post your lactation questions.