Mobile (In-Home) Lactation Clinic

A woman breastfeeding a baby
Prenatally, we will work together to prepare for breastfeeding: we’ll discuss the role of birth on breastfeeding outcomes and how birth can help support breastfeeding.  We’ll assess any barriers or booby traps that may not support your breastfeeding relationship and develop a plan for accommodating them.  We will also discuss the biological needs surrounding breastfeeding (for both you and your baby) and how to prepare for those needs.

After the birth of your baby, your focus should be on getting to know your baby and letting your body heal, not on running around town to appointments.  Because of this, our lactation consultants prefer to conduct home visits for breastfeeding help (our lactation consultants will come to see you in your home prenatally, as well).  Of course, if you prefer, you’re always welcome to have your consult at one of our community-based Lactation Clinics.

Should difficulties arise, our lactation consultants will work with you to determine the root of your breastfeeding difficulties, while protecting your milk supply and nourishing your baby.

We are available throughout your breastfeeding relationship and can help with breastfeeding beyond the prenatal and newborn period with such things as the introduction of solids to ensure a nourishing and simple transition to solid foods, planning for returning to work school, support for tandem nursing, support for nursing beyond the toddler stage, help with weaning management, etc.

Learn more about the lactation profession or What is an IBCLC.  Also learn what to expect at a lactation consultation and when to call for help.

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