Breastfeeding Basics for Parents

A 2-hour prenatal breastfeeding class where you will learn:

*  How breastfeeding works
*  What mother’s and baby’s bodies expect during lactation
*  The stages of lactation and what to expect at each stage
*  How spouses/partners and family members can support breastfeeding
*  The basics of getting started with breastfeeding
*  Breastfeeding positions and when to use them
*  Hands-on breastfeeding techniques and when to use them
*  When to call for help
*  Nutritional support and how dietary choices support breastfeeding
*  How to incorporate breastfeeding into your daily life
*  Lactation tools and interventions: when they’re appropriate and how they’re used

Partners, spouses, or support persons are welcome and always encouraged to attend.


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*** Unable to attend an already scheduled class?  A one-on-one consultation may be a great option for your family.  See our online scheduling page to arrange your personal class.  Select the “Prenatal Tele-lactation” option.