• Cross Cradle Breastfeeding Position

    Posted on May 19, 2012 by in Positioning


    When to use:

    The cross cradle breastfeeding hold (or cross-over position) is a great learning position, as it allows the mother good control (as compared to other positions) as she brings her baby to her breast.

    Step by step:

    • Baby needs to be at breast height, so it is suggested to use a pillow placed on mom’s lap. She should be comfortable with good body posture; she should not have to bend over to reach baby and her shoulders should remain in a natural position.
    • Place your baby on the pillow in front of you, his head on the side from which you want to nurse.
    • With the hand opposite the breast from which you plan to nurse, place your thumb and forefinger behind and slightly below your baby’s ears, so that your palm supports baby’s neck and upper back and his trunk rests on your forearm; tuck him in close, tummy to tummy.
    • With your other hand, make a “C” shape to support your breast, fingers on the bottom and thumb on the top.
    • Use your baby’s nose for a target for your nipple.
    • Use your nipple to gently stroke your baby’s upper lip. When your baby opens his mouth wide, gently guide him to your breast to latch.
    • Check that lips are flanged and jaw is wide.
    • If it hurts (after the initial latch), use your finger to break the suction and try again.

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